my girls!

March 14, 2013

Lee took Mara to the restaurant where her dad works earlier this week. A waitress said to Mara, “Oh my goodness, you look just like your daddy!” Mara immediately and very seriously replied, “Not really! We have different shoes!” When Lee told me this story, Mara added, “And I don’t have a circle head!” so that’s apparently her word for someone with a bald or shaved head, which it’s very true she doesn’t have!

Then Lee turned to Nia at dinner the other night and flat-out asked whether Nia was afraid of her. Nia agreed that she was, but also agreed when Lee asked if she knew that Lee would never hit her. I think this broke the ice between them and I’m proud of Lee for talking directly about something she was thinking about, which is often hard for her but has often been successful for me. It may be too soon to see how this impacts their relationship, but they had a hilarious time through the rest of that evening and have seemed more comfortable with each other since then. 

Nia has a teacher in-service day at school coming up and so I’ll keep Mara home that day and the three of us are going to have some adventures. Already in the last week we’ve gone on a long nature hike, gotten to a Celtic music and dance fest, gone to a foster training with childcare the girls enjoyed, and spent some time with an adult friend the girls enjoy. This weekend we have a babysitter (a sweet and peppy education major at one of our local universities who turns out to have also been a gymnastics coach, so a home run in terms of making the girls happy!) so Lee and I can go to a neighborhood party. 

As a result of seeing our friend, we were looking back at old pictures and seeing how the girls have grown. Mara has gone from a clingy little thing to someone so self-assured she decided to have me leave the room so she could talk to her counselor. (She did, of course, talk about not wanting too moms, but this time clarified that what she really wants is for all her families to live together in one big house. It’s made me more sad for the day I hope will never come when we’ll have to say no to having her siblings move here.) Nia had just lost her first tooth when she moved in, and now she’s cut molars and is about to lose her first up top while Mara has a tooth hanging on by a thread and will probably have her first loss by bedtime. They’ve gotten taller and more muscular and their faces lengthened. They’re both more comfortable and so sweet and settled with each other. They’re growing into such wonderful little people, curious and hilarious, gentle and kind. I am so grateful for all three of the others who make our family what it is now.

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