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I’m Thorn – a white woman with dark hair, in my late 20s, very liberal and seriously nerdy. I work a desk job. Raised by serious Catholics in this area in the suburbs of River City, I’ve called myself an atheist for ages but am looking for a family church for us nonetheless. My parents are still married and my younger brothers all live fairly close. I’ve had significant direct experience with depression and related mental illness, sexual assault, ADHD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and mild autism. While I’d hope for their sake my future children could avoid as many of those as possible, I’m well-informed and very open to dealing with them again in a parental context.

My partner is Lee – black, in her mid-40s, a former college basketball star and current tv fan. After a lot of time in the corporate world, she now teaches at a two-year college. She was raised and eventually adopted by her paternal grandparents, Baptists in the true flat Midwest. Of her parents, only her biological mother (her term of choice) is still alive. In her time in the River City area, she’s created a huge, supportive family of choice, which now includes my family or origin. She’s a serious Christian, but even though she logically believes I’ll be going to hell as an unbeliever, her gut tells her I’ll be just fine in the divine scheme of things because I’m such an awesome person. It’s possible she’s biased.

We’ve been living together since 2007 in her 100-year-old house in the lower Midwest. The plan for now is to star our training to get certified to adopt from foster care in 2008, buy or rent a bigger house in 2009, and hope we’ll get placement of a young, small sibling group there. After a few more years when the family is stabilized, we can move somewhere more liberal and accommodating. I’ll be able to telecommute and while her current job would be a good fit in terms of complementary schedules, we’d both rather eventually move on.



  1. Hey there – thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting, especially since it brought me here for the first time! I’ll be back!

  2. Late 20s? Twenties? Couldn’t you lie a bit and say you’re in your…well…40s? LOL

    You are an old soul, I think. I would never have guessed you were in your 20s (thereby revealing some previously unacknowledged idea I have about people in their 20s).

    Glad to blog-know you! :)

  3. I’m so glad I found your blog. You go girls! I will definitely be tuning in as my partner and I embark on our adoption journey after several years of ttc. She would love to adopt a teenager and we will do so eventually but right now I’m jonesing for a baby.

  4. I enjoy reading your blog and can relate on a few levels. Myself in my late 20’s mix(black and white) and my partner in her early 40’s(black). We are currently in the process of fostering with adoption intent, Im finding its going very slowly and feels like its gonna be forever before a baby comes along. In the mean time I read blogs about other families and will continue following yours! :)

  5. I popped over here from Jenna’s blog. Best of luck to you two along this process to the actual adoption. We adopted from a little girl from foster care seven years ago. Some days I don’t know where the time goes!

  6. Nice to meet you. :)

  7. […] sharing some of their stories online – Fosterhood in NYC, Dinner Party for 5, FosterWee, and Mother Issues are just a few – and Issue 8.2 of The Scholar & Feminist Online, which deals with […]

  8. My partner and I found your page and are in need of your help! We are asking if you could please help share our story so we can gain support for lesbian parenting in the metro Detroit area! We have been together 8 years, the last 3 have been filled with infertility struggles and 8 failed IUIs. A local radio station has given us the OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME provided we win. We are 1 of 20 finalists in the running for free IVF. Please, anything you can do to help share our story would be greatly appreciated!


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