May 2008
call social services; register for classes.

July 2008
Begin classes.

August 2008
matched with our homestudy caseworker.

September 2008
first homestudy visit;graduation from training classes; second homestudy visit

October 2008
attended a foster/adopt social services picnic; final homestudy visit.

December 2008
homestudy written and presented to divisional social services manager

January 2009
homestudy conditionally approved

February 2009
first referred child: Ezra

March 2009
decided we couldn’t parent Ezra

June 2009
sent our file out on an 11-year-old, Mychael

July 2009
rejected as a home for Mychael, apparently in part because we’re a same-sex couple

decided to work with Adopt America Network to try to be matched with children outside our state

August 2009
got a copy of our homestudy and realized it had drastic errors

September 2009
I connect with a high school classmate who’s now a social worker and thinks we might be a good fit for a child on her caseload, whom I eventually call Rowan

October 2009
informed we’re going to staffing on a 10-year-old in a far-off state whom we found through AAN

November 2009
Rowan comes to stay with us for Thanksgiving and we made a commitment to be there for him however he needed us

December 2009
Rowan came back for Christmas, with the understanding that if the placement looked good he’d transition to us permanently in 2010
Rowan ran away from our custody though he later turned himself in to police and we returned him to his RTC
Lee decided that if we aren’t matched by June 2010 we’ll give up on our adoption plans

January 2010
reactivated our profile with Adopt America Network


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